Where do I source all those obscure materials and tools for my projects?
Below are links to the main suppliers I use (mostly in and around Melbourne).
Please let me know if you find that any of the links are broken.

General art supplies
Melbourne Artist’s Supplies
Senior Art Supplies online ordering available
St Luke Artist Colourmen
Wills Quills online calligraphy supplies

Specialty raw materials
The Goldleaf Factory  gilding supplies
Morello Ashcroft  monumental masonry supplies – Stagg brand 23K gold leaf
A. Lewis & Co timber merchants with a large range of hardwood mouldings
Viponds Paints specialised industrial and signwriting paints
Bremner & Sons glaziers – plain and mirror glass cut to size
Leffler Leather Wholesale Warehouse leather, tools and saddlery supplies
Barnes sculpting, moulding and casting supplies
Northcote Pottery Supplies  clay, glazes, pigments
Australian Jewellers Supplies jewellers’ tools and materials
Highett Metal scrap metal dealer, good source of interesting non-ferrous metal items
Hearns Hobbies  model building supplies, metal tube/bar stock
Clarke Rubber foam, plastic tubing, corks and stoppers
Jaycar Electronics electronics supplies
Haines Educational laboratory supplies including pH test strips, scale weights
Bernard’s Magic Shop magician supplies including lycopodium powder
Geelong Fireworks pyrotechnic supplies NB some items require pyrotechnic licence
Australian Waste Management  borax for paper making and tanning

Carbatec specialty woodworking tools and glues
RSEA Safety  safety equipment and personal protective equipment

Sewing and textile arts
Darn Cheap Fabrics large range of wool and silk fabrics and interesting trims
The Fabric Store large range of wool and linen fabrics
Silk Trader silk fabric
Bendigo Woollen Mills woollen yarn and wool rovings for felting

Cooking and catering
Scullerymade specialist cooking equipment
Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot bulk and unusual ingredients
The Essential Ingredient medieval spices and other unusual ingredients

Where do I buy …
long needles for book binding – dollmaking needles from Lincraft or Spotlight
pewter for casting – op shops, garage sales NB look for lead free if possible
soapstone for making casting moulds – chunky soapstone sculptures from op shops
cuttlefish bone for making casting moulds – pet shops
bone for carving – raw beef bone from the butcher, ask for shin or metatarsal
horn – very difficult to source unless direct from farm or abattoir, try op shops
trays for paper marbling – plastic cat litter trays from the supermarket
food-grade gold and silver leaf – Indian grocers
gum tragacanth and gum arabic – art supply stores and cake decorating stores
other gums and resins – usually need to be bought online NB quarantine issues
clove oil – Chemist Warehouse online
pig ears or rawhide for making hide glue – pet shops
bulk earth pigments/oxides – cement tinting oxides, or from pottery supply stores
bulk (coarse) whiting – line marking whiting from sporting goods stores
hydrated lime for casein glue, limewash and lime putty – garden supply stores
bulk salt and hydrochloric acid – swimming pool shops
alum (aluminium sulfate) for tawing/tanning and paper making – swimming pool shops
alum (potassium aluminium sulfate) = shaving styptic bars – Indian grocers
borax for tanning and paper making – Australian Waste Management
sodium carbonate (Lectric soda) = electrolyte solution for electrolytic rust removal – laundry product section of the supermarket
acetone – hardware stores. In a pinch you can use cheap brands of nailpolish remover.
pH test strips – Haines Educational NB swimming pool test strips too small a range
fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms – hardware stores
safety equipment – hardware stores, RSEA Safety
an inexpensive spill kit – use clay-based cat litter
books on obscure historic crafts – hidden gems inside 1970’s craft books
inexpensive books on art history and art techniques – library sales, garage sales, op shops